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Donald Trump, President

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*All data updated in real-time.

Golf trips in first term:

Total Cost:

Barack Obama, Obama

Obama's golf data

Golf trips in first term:


Total Cost:




To predict the amount of times Trump will golf over the term, we use a basic formula of:

(golf trips/Days since Trump took office)*(Days in 4 years(1460)).

For his projected cost we just multiply the amount of days predicted by the average cost of his trips.

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Why do we track the Trump's golfing? Donald has a record of not being too honest, and with news sites being hard to trust lately I decided to create my own online resource. I had noticed quiet the stir online about Trump's golfing addiction, and at the time there were no online resources dedicated to tracking it. My actual golf count may differ from online news sources and articles, this is due to the situation of counting either, the amount of times he's been seen golfing, or the amount of trips hes taken to a golf course. By using the golf count in a simple formula we can easily see the rate at he is golfing, and use that to project the amount of golf trips over the course of a term. When we compare his projected rate to Obama's total you can get a good idea of how much more Trump is golfing. Which is ironic due to some tweets sent out by Trump criticizing how much Obama golfed. I have included those tweets above. This website isn't meant to convert someone to a particular side, I created this site hoping to shed some light onto a situation that shouldn't go unnoticed by the public eye. By supporting and sharing this site we can open people's eyes and expose Trump's golfing problem.

An Explanation of the cost: How do we get the cost per trip on Trump's golfing trips? We can use a couple of factors to contribute to the approximately $1.4 million cost per trip. The first factor is how much is costs to fly to his most popular destinations of Mar a Lago and Bedminster. According to resources online, the cost of flying Air Force One per hour is about $514,000. The second key factor is the security costs that are allocated to these golf resorts to protect Trump, sources say it's about 60 million a year. And the final factor is the $236k per day cost of having the Coast Guard protect Mar a Lago while he's visiting.

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